on Nov 05, 16

Spice is Nice

Ideas are great. Turning ideas into a reality is better, albeit challenging. One of the first hurdles we had to overcome was how to deconstruct, what we believed to be, great Bloody Mary mixes into flavors and, ultimately, a spice blend. Needless to say, Nicole and I drank many Bloody Marys to try and pull the lightening out of the bottle. Sweet, savory, heat, salt, peppery--all adjectives we became intimately familiar with.

Once we properly developed our taste profile (and sobered up), we set out on trying to create our spice mix. Honestly, it started out as a partial spice mix. Our initial push attempted to dehydrate horseradish root to the point of usability...Yeah, that didn't work, now the dehydrator sits lonely in the corner of the kitchen.

So we turned to our old friend 'The Google.' Could we find the spices we needed, those that represented the tastes we identified, and find them in bulk? We did some Amazon buying from some strange sources, including the purchase of dried mushroom to give us the Unami flavor we needed. However, in the end analysis, shelf-life is paramount, so we opted against its inclusion.

Luckily, our friends at The Great American Spice Company had everything we could possible need for our start-up/mad scientist phase, and we have been very pleased with their service. And then the experimentation began...

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