on Oct 24, 16

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

There we were, 500 nautical miles out to sea, enjoying a wonderful cruise to Bermuda. Everything was beautiful--everything except the Bloody Marys. Don't get us wrong. This is not an indictment of the cruise or the bartenders. Rather, they just weren't prepared. Nicole and I are Bloody Mary aficionados, or at least we like to believe we are. We are boaters. We love brunch (if you are ever in DC, check out the brunch at the Kangaroo Boxing Club). But on the cruise, they just weren't prepared. There was no spice and no heat. The bartenders are busy and they don't have time to doctor up Bloody Marys. So we had to resign ourselves to what we had and dream of better Bloody Mary days. That's when an idea was born! What if we had a single-serve Bloody Mary spice pack. Was there such a thing? Where could we find it? And if it didn't exist, could we make it? The short order answer to these questions were: a) no, b) nowhere, and c) yes we could.

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